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Communications team member; newsletter, website and social media contributor

Do you want to help advance the practice, science and profession of project management in Denmark? And are you interested in challenging and engaging people in relation to project management? If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, then maybe you are just the one PMI Denmark is looking for.

PMI Denmark is looking for someone with interest in communications management who wants to take on the challenge as contributor to our newsletter, website and social media communications. It’s a volunteer job, no salary is paid, but you get a good network within the project management world in Denmark and get wide responsibility and possibility to try out new things in relation to communications management.

Some of the concrete tasks could be:

-        Post on social media news on events and activities of PMI Denmark

-        Improve our social media presence making it more dynamic

-        Write articles from our events and other activities to be published in our newsletter and social media

-        Coordinate contributions from our sponsors for the newsletter¨

-        Improve editing of our website and newsletter to be more attractive and professional

You probably have a full time job already, so before volunteering then it is important to realistically evaluate the time you have available for volunteer work like this. Most PMI Denmark volunteers use around 2-3 days of work per month. Of course this can be more depending on your own commitment.

If you are interested, then send an e-mail to VPCommunications@pmi-dk.org with your phone number and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Then we will contact you for a short talk via phone and explain the next steps.

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