The Project Management Instituite Young Professionals (PMIYP) is a daughter organization of the PMI Denmark branch, focused on creating a place for young project management professionals and students, enabling access to the wealth of knowledge and experience connected to the global PMI brand, while being part of a young diverse environment anchored through similar interests and curiosity in project management.

Through the initiative of PMIYP we wish to promote project management as a profession, inspiring and engaging young professionals in the field of project management.

Besides facilitating access to the deep practical and theoretical knowledge that exist among PMI members, PMIYP also co-host events with companies, with a focus on increasing the awareness and tangible knowledge of how project management is done in practice by companies. 

PMI Young Professionals (PMIYP) - the place to be for aspiring and ambitious project managers.



That PMIYP becomes the preferred organization for young aspiring project managers in Denmark.


TARGET GROUP (why you should want to be part of PMIYP)

PMIYP aim to bridge the knowledge gap between experienced project managers and young aspiring professionals. PMIYP is therefore a group and network for young professionals or students wanting to learn more about project management, learning hands-on how project management is done through sparring and access to a vast knowledge database around project management.



If you would like to know more about PMIYP or project management, please sign up to the free PMIDK Newsletter (see Home Page), connect with us on social media (see below), or frequent this site as it will regularly be updated with new events.



Events for 2020 will be publicized once planned


Networking event, October 20th 2020 - more details to follow 


Webinar 'Agility when Working from Home', June 18th 2020 (by Mikkel Toudal Kristiansen) (past event)


Webinar 'Managing Stress in a Remote Workplace', Aril 28th 2020 (by Anita Ehrhardt) (past event) 


'Importance of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in Project Management', February 25th 2020 (by Migena Gjerazi) (past event) 

PMIYP_event1_25.02.20.jpg    PMIYP_event_25.02.20.jpg


'A Hitchhiker's Guide to Project Management', November 26th 2019 (past event)
(journey of becoming and being a project manager by Jens Tastum)


ISS 2019 (past event)


Trustpilot, March 28th 2019 (past event)


Microsoft, February 21st 2019 (past event)

Microsoft_1_February_21st.jpg   Microsoft_February_21st.jpg


PMIYP Friday Bar, January 25th 2019 (past event) 


Deloitte, 22nd October 2018 (past event)   

  Deloitte_2.jpg    Deloitte_1.jpg


Prokura, 19th April 2018 (past event)   

Pokura_1.jpg    Pokura_2.jpg


UN City 9nd February 2018 (past event)



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