How to get started

Prior the PMI Certifications exams, you need to document experience and training in project management. PMI's headquarters will evaluate this information in relation to the prerequisites for the certification. If you meet the prerequisites for the certification, you will be notified that you are eligible, which implies that you are qualified to take the exam! Next step is passing the exam in order to obtain the certification from PMI.

How to get started;
1. Visit PMI's global website and register yourself as a user on the website. It is free.

Once registered as a user, visit this website and select the certification you are interested in and fill in the online application. It may take an hour or so in total.

Once applied for the exam PMI will inform you within 5 working days. Please keep in mind that a few applications are selected for audit as part of the quality assurance process which would require you to document your training and experience.

If you have questions, just write us: vpcertification