Improving Power Skills - Building Community of Practice

Power Skills

PMI Denmark together with Plamen Nikolov inviting you to an interactive and collaborative workshop where we will work on the power skills and explore what are Communities of Practice (CoP)? How do they function? And what value do they create for project managers.

This workshop is part of an event trilogy hosted by PMI Denmark and facilitated by Plamen Nikolov. Each event will touch upon a side in the PMI triangle, where the September workshop will be focused on Power Skills in particular. 

Deconstructing the concept of CoP reveals two fundamental elements. Communities foster an environment of harmonious collaboration—a safe haven where members are encouraged to unleash their full potential without fear of judgment for their individuality. The collective synergy derived from teamwork in such communities transcends the sum of its parts. Secondly, the term "practice" accentuates the high degree of shared professional interest within CoP—a guild of members united in shared challenges and a commitment to imparting knowledge, aiding one another in unlocking the next level in the game.

Consider, for example, a group of visionary designers collectively conceiving of novel, more durable structures within their field. Or a group of experienced PM’s mentoring and guiding assistant PM’s to navigate through territories already charted but rugged nonetheless.

The workshop offers a platform for engaging in a series of activities with fellow attendees. Some sessions will be undertaken individually, while others will involve collaboration in pairs or small groups. These sessions will guide you through divergent and convergent thinking modes, enabling you to unravel answers both for yourself and your team.
While the agenda might appear extensive for a single event, rest assured, we are all embarking on this CoP journey together. Plamen will be readily available to provide assistance throughout the process.

Join us for this enriching experience and unlock the potential of being part of a thriving community of professionals.


About the facilitator:

Plamen Nikolov is fascinated by the intricate interconnections that bind individuals into cohesive group entities. His focus lies within facilitating the seamless transformation of groups into tightly-knit, high-performing teams. Drawing from his expertise consulting at a business incubator in Chile and subsequently steering his own entrepreneurial venture in Copenhagen, he has cultivated a toolbox of methodologies for nurturing community dynamics within groups of diverse compositions and scales.

At present, Plamen is dedicated to a mission of empowering professional groups in Denmark to unleash their latent potential.

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: General Events

Type of activity: Power Skills

Date: September 21st, 2023

Hour: 5:00PM to 8:00PM

Registration close date: September 17th, 2023 at 11:59PM

# of PDUs: 2


Students: Free

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Mannaz A/S

Farvergade 8, 2. sal

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