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Q1_2020 Event review: Transforming organizations with modern Agile and product focused delivery system

Arhus introTransforming organizations with modern Agile and product focused delivery system

Written by Sara Jamali
The first event in 2020 has hold on March 3th at Navitas, Aarhus regarding “Transforming organizations with modern Agile and product focused delivery system” by Jesper Boeg, whom is one of Denmark’s leading experts within Agile and Lean process optimization.

The event was held by PMI Denmark and Sara Jamali represents the chapter. Initially 13 people had registered and 11 people attended to the event.

PMI DK is glad to hold PMI events Jutland based as well, which helps the PM network grow locally and enhances the opportunity for professionals to develop their network, and follow up and learn the most recent best practices and lessons learned.

IMG 0537 aarhus event

The event was held in a friendly environment and people were able to ask practical questions and find clues for theirs issues in implementing and performing agile.

IMG 0539 aarhus event

Here is a summery about what has presented.

Jesper presented the five steps to a successful transition and trekking path:

Aarhus slide1

Aarhus slide2

He means in the process of transforming organizations with modern Agile, standardization can even be a double edged sword, and however there are made standards, the team should know why the y are doing the process as standards.

Besides he had talked about:

How to understand motivation and starting points in the process, typical motivational drivers, alignment workshop, pilot phase and have us ideas to have a more effective roll out and how to have Continuous Improvement. He spoke about typical results and problems and ideas to solve them, besides he clarified how Lean can help agile in the process.
(slides are created by Jesper Boeg)

Aarhus slide3

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