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Q4_2019 Event review: Christmas Networking event for the PMI DK Chapter with Anders Høeg Brask from Nationalbanken at Kulturhuset

Image NationalbankenChristmas Networking and Nationalbanken´s project portfolio manangement

Written by Alvaro Buxens
On Decmber 10, PMI Denmark chapter conducted an event in collaboration with our sponsor Canea and Anders Høeg Brask from Nationalbanken. Anders introduced the audience to the method used at the Danish National Bank to select the right projects to focus on and how do distinguish between doing the right and wrong projects.

thumbnail IMG 1723The evening started with Jens Pind from Canea and a short introduction to their CAEA ONE management platform.

Anders from Nationalbanken started his presentation introducing the main objectives of Danmarks Nationalbanken which is an independent self-governing institution. The three main objectives are:

1) Maintain stable prices

2) Safe payments

3) A stable financial system in Denmark

Anders jumped into presenting the method used at the Nationalbanken to distinguish between doing the right and wrong projects.

The project roadmap selection is based on a value driven calculation method. It is a strict process but not rigid as it allows for new projects to be considered via 11 portfolio boar meetings per year.

The value driven calculation is based on a single project pager which includes information on the following parameters:

  • Strategy fit
  • Value and benefits for the bank
  • Compliance
  • Price/Cost
  • Fast start date
  • Effect in parallel activities or systems
  • Security - how much does a project minimize the risk for the bank

thumbnail IMG 1725Each parameter has a different weight and are valued based in the input to the one pager. Projects are prioritized in levles 0 to 4 and are assigned to 7 different topics.

With a total 150 projects there is no time to waste and close to 6 months is used to bring the project portfolio for the next year down to a total of 70 projects.

There were 20 participants in Islands Brygger and most stayed for a great selection of tapas at the Islands Brygge and a great socializing set-up.

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