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Q4_2019 Event review: Collaboration Practices in Mega Infrastructure Projects in Collaboartion with CBS

Mega projects 28th Nov
Collaboration Practices in Mega Infrastructure Projects

Written by Amit Sngh
On November 28, PMI Denmark chapter conducted an event in collaboration with the Copenhagen Business School. The speaker - Professor Alfons van Marrewijk talked about his studies on collaboration practices between the six largest critical infrastructure providers in the Netherlands, highlighting examples of integrated design in which network operators jointly come to innovative solutions.
Alfons articulated how such huge infrastructure projects, in the past, have run into issues even before they started or turned out to be very expensive. The recurring theme in all these projects, as per the speaker, was that all had to be executed either partly or alltogther underground. 
Some of the issues that can be associated with these projects are
  • Lack of governance
  • Scarcity - such projects are not common
  • Invisibility - examples of second workd war bombs found during excavation
  • Financial issues - Parties reluctant to pay/own their financial responsibilities. 
  • Distruptive - Leading to the ground being dug up during execution phase and after 
The main aim of the study was to find a governance model to cover all situations which can be used across and nationally. The study proposes the practice of enclosing data sharing – a mode of organizing that is neither completely open nor closed, and suggests data sharing as gift-giving or a reciprocal means of exchange between organizational actors who wish to build and maintain collaborative relationships.
The practical implications that one could take away from this event are
- Think about the underground as funny as it may sound
- Break silos and enable data sharing
The event was quite interactive because the well informed audience presented how similar projects are planned and executed in Denamrk and data sharing has been the cornestone which has ensured the success of these projects.
The Chapter would like to thank the speaker Professor Alfons van Marrewijk and the Copenhagen Business School for hosting the event.

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