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Q4_2019 Event review: Improve your Project and Team performance and maturity with the PMI methodology –Project Management best practices and digitalization.

Jutland pic2PMIDK's first ever JUTLAND event

Written by Sara Jamali
On October 24, PMI's Denmark chapter held its first ever event in jutland - Improve your Project and Team performance and maturity with the PMI methodology – Project Management best practices and digitalization.
Being this our very first event at a location other than Copenhagen we have to agree that it was a success. With more than 30 attendees and 2 esteemed speakers, the evening went as planned and this left the chapter members beaming from ear to ear. 
This should only encourage us to continue where we left off and organise further events in Jutland.
MAKEEN Energy hosted the event and gave a tour of The House of MAKEEN Energy and demonstrated the production of plastic to oil at their PlastCon test facility. They also gave their take on how they’ve adapted PMI Framework and are now implementing processes and tools across the group.
The Keynote by Brian Thordal focused on how to use Project Management Assessments and team self-reflection to improve project management maturity and capacity. At the same time collecting best practices and creating a solid baseline for changes which could be digitalisation of Project & Portfolio Management which latest research has shown to have a significant impact on productivity.
An increased productivity in management of the project, e.g. reporting, data quality and presentation, non-redundant data etc, could be used to focus more on leadership and team well-being. Brian showed examples of how a significant improvement project management maturity can be obtained, especially when utilising the power of self-assessment and self-reflection and thereby an aligned team consciousness.
Examples of how a digitalisation of PPM can ensure a more uniform way of working, better overviews and transparency both on the individual personal level and on the portfolio level. 
Jacob Hansen closed the evening by giving an overview of PPM digitalisation and his take on new and disruptive technologies.
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The Chapter would like to thank the speakers Brian Thordal, Jacob Hansen for their contribution and Lars Poulsen for hosting us at MAKEEN Energy and for the tour. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants who turned up for the event and turned it into a fine evening. Furthermore we have received feedback from few of them who attended the event, which can be read here.

Azzam Al-Ayuni: First of all I would like to say “Thank you so much” for running such a superb and relevant event. The speakers were outstanding – interesting, knowledgeable, energetic and believable. The seminar was excellent. The basics of project management best practices and the ways of working as project manager were well explained and the speakers made it all easy to understand. Really I found it really insightful and interesting (as expected!). I loved the way Jacob explained the PPM for us, it opened my eyes to a new way/technology of managing projects and doing things in smart and easy way in our daily working life as projects mangers. But he was a little bit fast maybe because he didn’t have enough time during this event. The video showing his PPM App was also really nice to see.

Shais Mosanefi: First of all I would like to thank PMI Denmark Chapter and Makeenenergy for holding such a great event! Everything was on time and well organized Enthusiastic and energetic presentation by Brian was fantastic Innovative methods that presented by Jacob was interesting.

Sweba Jørgensen: The event was great. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.

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