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Q4_2019 Event review: PMI Region 8 meeting

 PMI5538PMI Region 8 (Europe) meeting

Written by Nataliia Cherkashyna
On November 8-10 the PMI Region 8 annual meeting took place in Brussels.
This is the annual meeting, bringing together PMI volunteers from all the chapters across Europe (region 8) and introducing top speakers addressing the essential topics. PMI Denmark Chapter and PMI Young Professionals have also joined the PMI family for this event.


There was quite a lot to discuss for the 250 participants (the new record set!) during the 2.5 days. Luckily, there were plenty of opportunities to do that, including networking dinners and coffee breaks, but also wine tasting and guided tour, hosted by the PMI Belgium Chapter. 
On the first day of the event, social dinner inner took place, marking 50th anniversary of PMI with dedicated speeches, and nicely created atmosphere.
First-time participants got a special welcome. By being clearly stated on their badges the "1" sign invited more experienced participants to introduce themselves and their peers to the novices, emphasizing the welcome of the whole PMI one more time. The author of this article was one of them, and she enjoyed the cheerful networking atmosphere.
Being a great social event, the Region 8 meeting was also filled up by talks and workshops, some of which take place in parallel, targeted towards the professionals with different level of experience.

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The keynote speaker Lysa Morrison gave a presentation about emotional intelligence. In her talk, she addressed the great significance of a skill to read and understand the emotions of other people (as well as own emotions) for a project management professional. Awareness of the fact that we are "programmed" to act a certain way and to allow behavioural flexibility will lead to more efficient work and better well-being. 
The world is becoming more and more about technologies, artificial intelligence (that was one of the topics discussed during the meeting as well) and other new technological possibilities that are changing the markets, industries and the world around us. But emotional intelligence, being a key to a people relationships, including those in the professional world, can and should complement these developments, resulting in growth and development of companies, projects, technologies.
PMI Region 8 meeting participants have also attended the panel discussion about event and conferences organization, with a great diversity of highlights from different experience from PMI Cyprus, PMI Bulgaria and PMI Netherlands. Collaboration with other PMI Chapter, best speakers and offering the talks on the thriving topics were named as the keys to success, among others.
PMI Belgium Chapter presented the learning program, that is aiming to give the hands-on project management tools to the job seekers, students and refugees, as well as attract more Chapter members.
After the intense weekend in Brussels, PMI Denmark Chapter members returned home with the new ideas and inspiration.





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