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Q3_2019 Event review: Agile has a new friend and her name is DevOps

Todays journeyOn Sep 11th, Thomas Rasmusen, Managing Partner at the consultancy company oi720 presented an event - "Agile has a new friend and her name is DevOps". 

The primary agenda of the evening was to give an introduction to the benefits, example of approach and how to communicate when managing projects using DevOps methodology. The pragmatic hands-on examples was taken from a project in the pharmaceutical business; wherin the presentation provided a glimpse on how to ensure regulatory (built-in) compliance and testing.

 The essential take home points from that day were:

1.A better understanding of DevOps
2.New DevOps Toolchain?
3.How to approach compliance
4.Cultural challenges and how to navigate 

 The presentation covered a wide range of topics on why one should considering introducing DevOps, the essential Value Reldease Principle and what is DevOps is all about.It certainly didnt hurt to debunk some of the common myths associated with DevOps.

Thomas, the speaker further went on to show thw Core elements of DevOps and how does it al fits in with AGILE and LEAN. The focus of the presentation then shifted to how one can introduce and work with DevOps.

Myths      VR principle


He presented a real life sample from a regulated industry and also litsed what obstacles one could face when trying to introduce DevOps in some of real life scenarios.

The evening ended with a Q&A session and though the acoustics of the hall was questionable, all in all the event was a good attempt at introducing DevOps concept.



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