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Q3_2019 Event review: Benefit Realization in Agile Transformations

IMG 1945On June 25th Implement Consulting Group hosted an event for PMI on the subject of benefit realisations in agile transformation. It seems a majority of technology and traditional engineering companies in Denmark are in the process of some kind of agile transformation, so the subject was highly relevant.

The speakers Morten Mark Christensen and Rasmus Rytter were clearly experienced change managers in the field, but clearly also seasoned facilitators, as the audience were duly engaged throughout the session, 

Hosted generously at the Implement premises in Hellerup, 22 PMI members were entertained, engaged and motivated by the speakers and the relevant topic.There was a good dialogue and well facilitated participants involvement and interaction.


IMG 1943bThe presentation flow was taking an outset in the latest survey results from the state-of-the-agile (2018), - on reasons for using agile and challenges/obstacles. This was then reflected by the audience and picked up well to lead into talking about agile transformations.

Some of the key points that were revealed and agreed upon in the session include:

  • In order to succeed with an agile transformation, we need to change the behavior and mindset of everyone involved. This is considered a highly difficult task, why the majority of change projects fail. To increase the chance of success when doing an agile transformation, the speakers suggested to put a focus on and learn the  practices of benefit realization and an agile approach
  • Strangely today agile transformations are run with a waterfall approach, instead of actually implementing them via an agile approach. The speakers presented the envisaged benefit of using the agile transformation as a key driver in the transformation efforts. The key elements of the proposed tool or technique to apply benefit realization driven transformation were then presented to the audience by Rasmus Rytter
  • A key learning point for some of the participants was the need to  focus on behaviour of the team throughout the agile transformation.

At the end of the evening, the participants were equipped with both some relevant food for thought, as well as some concrete advise and practises applicable to agile transformations. Another succesful event from PMI Denmark Chapter.

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