PMI-DK, in this newsletter, brings to you a a paper titled "The Titanic Sank, So What?: Project Manager Response to Unexpected Events". The paper written by Joana Geraldi among others is published in the International Journal of Project Management.

We all agree that it is hard to predict the future, yet we think our project risk management processes would be enough to deal with all the uncertainty of the project.

titanic 1

The paper (link below) argues that regardless of how diligent you are in your risk management processes, projects will invariably face unexpected events, from small changes in scope to unforeseen client’s bankruptcy.
How should we deal with such events? We asked 22 experienced project managers to compare unexpected events they think they responded well to, with those they think didn’t work as well.

Although there was no one best answer, and no silver bullets, our study found three things to keep in mind:
(1) responsive and functioning structure, at the organisational level,
(2) good interpersonal relationship at the group level and
(3) competent people at the individual level.

We hope these considerations can help you “create their own luck”.

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