IMG 9999Christmas networking event for the PMI DK Chapter on December 5th, 2018

Speakers: Grant Sonne-Clifford, Project Excellence Director at Ramboll
Written by Nataliia Cherkashyna
On 5th of December, an inspiring networking Christmas event for PMI Denmark Chapter took place in Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.  During the event, an extraordinary presentation was made by Grant Sonne-Clifford, Project Excellence Director in Ramboll Group.
The speaker talked about doing project management in the Arctic, implementing the project to bring the mobile communications to Greenland. While giving the overview of his project management experience, Grant has also told the audience a bit about his family's 10 years long life in Nuuk (Greenland's capital) and illustrated the stories by the photos of the outstanding Arctic nature.

IMG 9988Being a person with a big passion for travelling, Grant has moved to Greenland after making a 365-days journey around the world together with his wife. Sonne-Clifford has led a team of professionals to build the infrastructure that has eventually changed the life of Greenland's society by improving communication, giving broad access to information, and even rescuing people in difficult situations.  The unique set of challenges was there to overcome in order to succeed, and - surprisingly - the weather conditions (as people in the audience suggested) were not on the list. The speaker said the challenges needed to be overcome in order to succeed were the following:

  • Geography. The challenges included mountain landscape and icebergs that make damages to the cable in the sea.
  • Human resources. There was a lack of competences at the beginning of the project. Grant has made a decision to build competences in Greenland, which also brought him a lot of respect from the local community.
  • Quality assurance. According to the speaker, it did happen very often that the supplies and goods were delivered to the wrong places. In case of building the base stations for a mobile network, that would have caused extreme delays. So Grant has decided to perform quality assurance on that part of the project himself and went to Aarhus to control the loading of the equipment on the ships going to Greenland.
P 20181205 172530The presentation was a great interest to the audience, and many questions have followed. Answering them, Grant Sonne-Clifford emphasized the need to have a good project plan, because in the Arctic "if the things go wrong, they go really wrong"  and the price of mistakes is huge. Talking about everyday life, he has said that those 10 years in the land full of unique natural wonders, wild animals, silence and northern lights were absolutely fantastic.
After the presentation, the guests used their opportunity to ask the speaker more questions and to socialize. The cozy atmosphere, nice food and drinks made this part of the event of a great appreciation. According to Grant Sonne-Clifford, Santa comes from Greenland, so the presentation about working close to Santa's home and warm networking part of the event have definitely created a Christmas spirit.