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Q2_2017 Project Owners and Innovation in Megaprojects

Project Owners and Innovation in Megaprojects at Bygherreforeningen

By Patryk Fraczyk

DTU Projectlab, PMI Denmark and Bygherreforeningen hosted a seminar for almost 70 participants on May 18th. The theme was notably unusual for the project management community, namely projects through a perspective of a project owner/sponsor.

Motivating speakers and complex projects

3.jpg Agenda:

5.00pm  Welcome and Introduction

5.15pm  The Capable Infrastructure Owner. Prof. Dr. Graham Winch, University of Manchester.

6:15pm  Networking and Snacks

6.45pm  Innovating in Femern Fixed Link and in three other megaprojects in Denmark. Kim Smedegaard Andersen, CEO Sund & Bælt Partner A/S.

7.30pm  Panel Discussion

8.00pm  End of the event


It has become evident that project owners ''make or break'' their projects. Prof. Graham Winch, University of Manchester, set the scene for the topic and provided the participants with a theoretical and empirical context. Project success, however measured, is largely depends on project sponsor.

--> Projects and programs, as vehicles of change, are meant to deliver benefits

--> These benefits need to be understood and properly defined

--> Suitable tendering, contract design and management play key roles

--> Without active monitoring and control, projects naturally stray off their tracks

--> Active engagement of the sponsor by risk sharing, establishing steering committees and robust governance are necessities.

1.jpgKim Smedegaard Andersen, CEO Sund & Bælt Partners A/S shared his experiences from a development viewpoint of mega projects. Kim briefly touch upon his previous assignments, i.e. Øresund Bridge, Ørested City, Copenhagen Opera and discussed current- Femern Belt. Due to the myriads of challenges, new legal frameworks and ways of financing were created.

Last but not least, we would like to say thank you to the speakers, participants and organizers as well as our sponsors.

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