PMI Event on January 25th, 2017

Speaker: Soren Lauesen, IT University of Copenhagen

Written by Patryk Fraczyk

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IT Requirements Management was the main theme of the PMI Chapter Denmark event on January 25th, 2017. Søren Lauesen led the event and brought together about 80 participants who met at Rambøll's office in Ørestaden.



  • Introduction to IT requirements
  • Break
  • Case presentation
  • Q&A

In short about the speaker, Soren Lauesen is full professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. He has worked in the IT industry for 20 years, 10 of which were for multi-national companies (ABB and NCR). He has been the IT expert behind the National Auditor's investigation of the Electronic Land Registry, the Electronic Travel Card, the case management system for the Danish Police, etc.

Søren started with the introduction to IT requirements, i.e. the role and the importance of requirements, how they are understood and misunderstood. The main message was that requirements collection shall be top-down, i.e. focusing first on overall benefits and business goals, not on detail features. Søren's suggested best practice has been collated in Guide to Requirements SL-07, with the outline as below:

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 By focusing on overall benefits and business goals, we can avoid the below scenarios:

Requirements are met, but the user tasks are supported badly.

The business goals are not met.

Too expensive - no freedom for the developer.

The second point on the agenda was the presentation of how SL-07 works in practice, i.e. case presentation of Requirements and Proposal for Grant Management. Søren showed the examples of how the suppliers replied, and how they settled issues of errors versus change during implementation.

Some suggestions from Søren to ensure correct usability requirements were:

Define and pre-test user mock-ups interfaces with the end users

Observe users working with early deliveries of the system

PMI Chapter Denmark would like to thank Søren for his intricate introduction to IT Requirement Management and Rambøll for supporting this event.

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