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IMG 1938 public speach paperGeneral Assembly 2020 – A look back to 2019 and exciting plans ahead

On March 10th 2020, around 30 Chapter Members gathered at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge in Copenhagen for the yearly General Assembly. It is always an event most of us look forward to, reviewing the achievements over the past 12 months and setting the targets for the current year. Unfortunately this year the shadow of the Corona virus was over the assembly but did not affect the good atmosphere.

The GA was kicked off by great guest speaker, Asbjørn Jensem, who with a high level of energy presented tools to improve public speaking. The GA continued with presentation of key activities and 2020 plans from each department and concluded with the election of open positions where it is important to highlight that a new president, Peter Helmer Sørensen, was elected.

Grant Sonne-Clifford was the moderator for the General Assembly, the 4th year in a row.

The agenda of the GA was:

17:30 – 18:30 Guest speaker, Asbjørn Jensen - "Your own story sells"

18:30 – 20:00 General Assembly incl. elections

  • Election of moderator and minutes taker.
  • Activities: What was done in 2019 and what is planned for 2020 
  • Financials: Actuals for 2019 and budget for 2020 
  • Election for board positions in the PMI Denmark Chapter board. 
    • President
    • VP Communication
    • VP Events
    • VP Marketing & Sponsors
    • VP Certification
    • VP Jutland Branch
    • Election for the role as financial Auditor for PMI Denmark Chapter.
  • Suggestions and any other business.

20.00-22.00 Dinner at a restaurant located close by.

2019, another successful year for PMI Denmark 

Members: The number of members at the date of the GA was 450, in the same level as 2019 after 3 years of continuous growth.

Certifications: PMI Denmark chapter conducted it's second free CAPM training where training was offered to 25 participants by 10 volunteer trainers.

PMI Young Professionals: Organized 5 events and continues as a grwoing self-sustainable community.

Events: 7 events organized in Copenhagen and 1 event in Jutland.

Special Projects: A very successful conference "Passion of the profession" with 135 sign-ups.

Sponsors: Record number of sponsors, 8 at this point with Microsoft prolonging their sponsorship for another year.

Communications: 4 quarterly newsletters were delivered including 7 articles from our sponsors. A new conference microsite was setup complete with Stripe payment integration. On the SoMe front, slightly reduced number of posts and achieved a growth of around 30% followers on the chapters SoMe accounts.

The after-work-events also continued with success in 2019, and with the help of PMIs sponsors and partners, the organization managed to come out of the year with a positive result. All-in-all a good year.

Speaker session

After a short introduction Grant left the floor to Asbjørn Jensen who started with a strong version of the "I have a dream" speech of Martin Luther King.

Asbjørn promised us 5 tools to improve speaking in public, with the claim that it is easy to learn public speaking if you use these tools.

He focused on:

  • How to get attention
  • How to let the body talk
  • How to hold attention
  • How to take control of your adrenalin through power pose and breathing

He introduced the house as a metaphor for the speak, with the foundation, windows for eye contact, clock for pauses, etc. (sketch attached)

We did some group exercises and had great fun.

IMG 1936 public speach group presentingIMG 1937 public speach all arms up

Election for the Board & Auditor

- Peter Helmer Sørensen was elected President. Thanks to Allan Mortensen for his guidance and great work over the last years.

- Klaus Nielsen was re-elected VP Certification

- Alvaro Buxens was re-elected VP Communications

- Sara Jamali was elected VP Jutland Branch.

- Daniela Todorova was elected VP PMI Young Professionals

- Alberto La Mantia was elected Auditor

- No candidate up for election for VP Events, the position is open. Thanks to Lotta for all her great work in the last years. 

- No candidate up for election for VP Marketing & Sponsors, the position is open. Thanks to Jens for all his gret work in the last years.

- No candidate up for election for VP Special Projects, the position is open

- The remaining board members continue in their positions and were therefore not up for election this time.

IMG 1941 GA Allan

2020 plans

The plans presented by the board for 2020 will be reviewed and detailed in next months:

  • 6-8 after work events in Copenhagen

    • Preferably with networking as explicit part of several of them

    • DHL run could be included as a social event.

    • Always updated list of future events on homepage

  • PMI Young Professionals continues as a self-sustainable community and delivers events targeting young professionals.

  • CAPM training for 25 young

  • 4 newsletters and promotion of content on social media

  • Produce a professional annual report as usual.

  • 3 after work events in Jutland + build community

  • 1 x full day conference, with more sign ups than in 2019 (136)

  • Investigate if there are anyone interested in driving initiatives such as..

    • PM for children/schools

    • PM & Beer/Social events

    • Events with companies/host companies

    • Mentoring PMI/ PMI Young Professionals

The dinner

In line with what is becoming a tradition in PMI DK Chapter, the evening offered also a great opportunity to network and of course to celebrate together with red wine and rounds of tapas.

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