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General Assembly 2018 – A look back to 2017 and exciting plans ahead

IMG 0425On March 7th 2018, more than 40 Chapter Members gathered at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge in Copenhagen for the yearly General Assembly. It is always an event most of us look forward to reviewing the achievements over the past 12 months and set the targets for the current year.

In addition, then this year the bylaws were also changed to prepare the organization for the years to come. Among others, several new board positions were created which will help the organization with the energy needed to achieve the ambitious plans for the coming years. 


2017, another successful year for PMI Denmark 

IMG 0423

2017 was a good year for PMI Denmark Chapter. The overall strategic goal for the past two years has been to create growth, and this has been achieved. In 2016 PMI Denmark chapter grew by 23% and in 2017 PMI Denmarl grew 14%. 

In the past year PMI Denmark also managed to finilize the strategy for 2018-2020, update bylaws and get a new and much larger board elected to prepare the organization for the activities in the comming years. 

PMI Young Professionals were established in 2017. This is a new initiative where PMI Denmark targets young professionals and students with an interest in project management. 

The quarterly newsletter continued and was improved in many ways. So was the PMI Denmark website, which was translated in to English and in 2017 also allowed PMI Denmark to progress with the use of newsletter articles on social media.

The after-work-events also continued with success in 2017, and with the help of PMIs sponsors and partners, the organization managed to come out of the year with a positive result. All-in-all a good year.


Update of the Bylaws with new board positions and election for the board

IMG 0424According to the new bylaws then there were 9 open board positions (out of 11). 8 people were elected. 2 continue from last year and 1 position remains open (VP Jutland Branch).

- Allan Mortensen was re-elected President

- Sinan Ozmen was elected VP Members and Volunteers

- Alvaro Buxens was elected VP Communication

- Klaus Nielsen was elected VP Certification

- Ann-Charlotte Biener Banke was elected VP Events

- Jes Allersted. was elected VP Marketing and Sponsors

- Miglena Zlatanova was elected VP PMI Young Professionals

- Erin Akopain was elected VP Administration.

- Henrik Feld (VP Finance) and Tim Christensen (VP Special Projects) were elected in 2017, they continue in these positions and were therefore not up for election this time. 

Goals for the year(s) to come

The main goals in the years to come have to do with activities that allows PMI Denmark to increase the way the organization today inform, challenge and engage people in relation to project, program and portfolio management. 

  • First of all, the new and stronger organization must start to work together and get better control of processes and administration so that this does not become an obstacle to the growth and all the new initiatives.
  • Then there will be more focus on the after-work events and events in general. A special group is being formed to handle this going forward. This will increase the amount of events slightly compared with 2017, and improve the organization around the planning and execution of the events significantly. 
  • Communication via website, newsletter and social media continues to have focus for PMI in Denmark, and the idea is to build and improve on the strong foundation that has been formed in the past years. Some of the areas that we expect will get focus is the creation of articles and further improving the precense on social media.
  • New initiatives are being launched to increase the number of credential holders, especially focusing on the CAPM, as this is the entry level for many who are not yet so experienced with project management.
  • To reach wider than usual, then PMI Denmark is working on the establishment of an annual conference. We expect this will be a full day event in 2018 with typical international PMI format.
  • And finally, then it continues to be the goal of the association to establish better presence in Jutland.

The dinner

In line with what is becoming a tradition in PMI DK Chapter, the evening offered also a great opportunity to network and of course to celebrate together with red wine and rounds of tapas. 

Dinner GA

Below is a picture of the newly elected board, before going to the dinner.

IMG 0431

Upcoming events

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