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Written by Allan Mortensen

On the 29th of October 2020, IDA, CBS and PMI Denmark arranged an online conference about success in Mega Projects. The conference tried to put attention on how some project managers and companies succeed in carrying out complex mega-projects, as well as what success actually means.

The idea was to foster an interesting dialogue and debate between practice and academia, and therefore the conference had one speaker representing the more theoretical side and another the more practical side. Academia was represented by Professor Kristian Kreiner, from Centre for Advanced Studies on Project Management at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the practitioners’ side was represented by Assad Jamal, Deputy Vice President from COWI.

At the conference, Kristian Kreiner, explained that we often look for success in the wrong places, and that we should look beyond the triple constraints of planned costs, time and quality. Prof. Kreiner mentioned several examples of mega projects that have succeeded in creating value and satisfaction in spite of being failures in the conventional sense. This was in many ways supported by Mr. Jamal Assads experiences, and examples, as well as one of his key points about being in constant contact with the project owner and stakeholders throughout the project, to ensure alignment in relation to what they want out of it.

The conference was entirely online, lasted around 2 hours, and ended with the speakers answering and discussing questions from the around 140 people who joined. The conference was in fact in itself an example of a successful (mini) project between IDA, CBS and PMI Denmark, and will hopefully lead to more collaborative initiatives in the near future.

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