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How do we (realistically) ensure that the right information is available in an extremely rapidly changing environment and that an organization is empowered to locate up-to-date and validated information relevant to their trials or corporate affairs?

The COVID-19 outbreak has challenged leadership as well as individuals privately and professionally and has highlighted the importance of being able to adapt. Companies wide and far has adapted their processes, structures, tools and equipment to manage progress under the circumstances of the ‘new normal’, and industry collaboration has revealed a new high when it comes to sharing ways of working and best practises in virtual settings.

Where you only have to check-in on social media or open the corporate email inbox to find the first bulk on information of how to improve your virtual meetings or tips and tricks on working from home, getting and sharing COVID-19 relevant and current information in the context of your role within clinical trial management or corporate affairs is another story.

Empowering your organization to have a focal point for self-service information related to trial management and corporate strategy quickly and efficiently in a time of crisis where impact to trial timelines are at risk

Key takeaways

  • In times of crisis e.g. COVID-19, securing information flows for knowledge and data related to indirect and downstream impact must not be underestimated
  • Create new focal point for information, however, don’t reinvent the wheel - use existing digital platforms within your company if possible, for the foundation
  • High usability and an appealing look for your platform is crucial for adoption and attraction, and to ensure effectiveness insert ways to measure attraction with data and analytics (e.g. users and returning users) to verify your communication streams to inform ‘customers’ of platform existence are working
  • Ensure individuals within your organization can submit content with ease and that a simple sanity check for governance purposes are established to avoid long turnover timeframes for making the new material broadly available – timeliness is key in crisis

Information Flows & Digital Information Platforms as experienced by oi720

One of our core competencies lies within enabling our clients to succeed in the journey of maximizing their benefits of new technologies and initiatives, both for short- and long-term purposes. Using an agile approach for delivery management for all initiatives, we aim to ensure continuous alignment and adaptation to the specific situation, meeting the business needs of the clients. This competency has once again come in handy when supporting a client in ensuring there were no weak links and breakdowns in their information flows even in a time of crisis.

In one of our cases, with a global top 5 Pharma, we supported the development of a digital information sharing platform in the form of a website that showcased only internal verified/validated sources of trial management information and corporate strategy related to COVID-19 challenges incl. dashboards, internal and external reports, podcasts, webinars etc. This allowed their colleagues in organization to optimize their efforts when searching for specialised information in a time where a “new normal” reigns, and work and proper decision-making must be incorporated along side new requirements to the individual as establishing a home office and caring for your kids’ well-being and them doing their school work. Information on the platform focused mainly on industry-specific reports for clinical trial management, corporate strategy and site management in a COVID-19 setting and thus went beyond the information available on typically day-to-day search platforms and the continuous flow from social media platforms on how to collaborate with you colleagues in virtual settings.

The website was launched in small releases to ensure timely roll-out and the first version was rolled out within 7 working days followed by additional content being published daily and new offers being updated weekly. Within weeks the site reached +1000 unique visits and the percentage of returning visitors started at a strong 30% and is on an upgoing path. The agile release approach ensured that content on the site was/is timely distributed, which in a time of crisis can mean the difference between empowering proper decision-making abilities and eventually keeping trial timelines or ensuring minimal impact.


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