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Project Mgmt Logo RGB poweredbyPMI white on blackAs a member of PMI, you have free access to webinars at the PMI website. In this newsletter, we provide you with a list of 2 select webinars on "Disruption in Project Management" & the PDUs category associated with them.

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Webinar 1: Leading Change Through Project Management

Presenter(s): Angela Montgomery
Duration: 57 mins 21 sec

Angela Montgomery is a Co-founder & Partner, Intelligent Management Inc. She is passionate about bringing systemic thinking to organizations to break down barriers and accelerate flow. She is also an author of famous business novel ‘The Human Constraint’ that has been bought in 38 countries. In this webinar, She talks about how project managers can act as a change agent to executing transformational changes from operational perspective.

Angela considers project managers as engine of change that are capable of continuous growth and innovation.

Every project is about change and change brings resistance. Underneath all our decisions and choices, there is a cognitive constraint – the way we look at things and the constraints of our mental models, and these determines the pace with which individuals, organizations and entire sectors perceive the need for, and accept, change.

According to her, the issue we face today is Complexity – everything is interconnected through a network of interactions. Complexity has increased over the years and is increasing, and complexity demands change – so why are we stuck to make the change or transforming in a different way ?

The key is to split the complexity into parts and focus on patterns.The goal should be to accelerate the flow of information and goods and money the organizations generate. The organizational set-up based on functional hierarchies does not allow flow maximization, making change difficult.

Angela then stresses on the system thinking approach, and calling organizations as systems with processes (repetitive ), projects (inherently one-off), interdependencies, with feedback cycle with customers – and talks about complexity conflict. She constantly talks about the importance of working on constraints and removing silos in organization, to have a successful transformational change.

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Webinar 2: Kaizen: Leading Change for the Better

Presenter(s): Michael Perdunn
Duration: 57 mins 05 sec

Michael Perdunn is a project manager, speaker, and consultant. He has a Master’s degree in Communication and brings over 15 years of experience managing projects in various sectors. In this webinar, he will talk about 'Kaizen', which means ‘Change for better’, and how project managers can use this concept to lead a change for the better.

Michael starts with the origins of Kaizen in Japan, followed by introducing the philosophy and methodology of Kaizen. He also talked about the traditional Kaizen events  - to make short duration small changes. He talks about the journey from a business case generation-> current state analysis-> hypothesis testing to finalizing a future state. The events mentioned teaches employees to think differently about their work. He also talks about different types of wastes in the organizational business processes.

Michael also touched upon the challenges of business and IT talking different languages, and how project managers can help to bridge the gap. He addresses how project managers can use the concept of flow, feedback and experimentation.

In summary, in this webinar, Michael introduced Kaizen, and how project managers could use this as a tool to lead continuous improvement and evolvement, resulting into a big impact on work in very small ways.

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