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12Passion of the Profession 2019 – first PMI Denmark Conference

Written by Nataliia Cherkashnya

In the event review article this quarter, we have the pleasure now to look back at the Passion for the Profession conference, the annual conference organized by PMI Denmark Chapter.
On April 4th 2019, the first of it's kind PMI Denmark Conference Passion of the Profession took place, bringing more than 130 participants (project management gurus, sponsors, professionals and enthusiasts) together in the shiny and convenient premises of Microsoft Denmark.
The topic of the 2019 conference was Disruption in Project Management, and the speakers covered a big variety of disruption's aspects in their presentations.

  DSC9156Artificial intelligence, as one of the hot topics now, was of a great interest, as well as the Agile methodologies. The speakers talked a lot about future of the project management, trends  in disruption, global changes and competitive business landscape.

All of the topics were of a great interest to the audience, provoking questions and interesting discussions afterwards. Conference participants represented a huge variety of professionals & various organisations, involved in diverse fields of projects. This greatly enabled "networking" part of the conference very lively and inspiring. We believe that the knowldege shared and ideas expressed created a unique atmosphere and might have influenced the visions and professional mindsets of the participants.

We are delighted to say "thank you" to the sponsors of the event, Microsoft and Strategy Execution.

 DSC9190We would like to share with you our experinces as organizers and how much we enjoyed the conference together with the participants. 

Libera Palena, Conference Manager:
"The team of volunteers behind the organization of the conference put all its passion for project management, its curiosity on discovering new ideas and willing of knowledge sharing. We think that all these reached you and influenced you in a great way".


Henrik Feld, PMI Denmark Board Member:
 "The conference team had managed to put together an impressive collection of speakers that all were able to give a different, but relevant aspect to disruption in project management. In a wonderful mix of state-of-the-art practises and technologies with predictions of what the future may look like, I certainly could feel the need (and desire as well) for change. It was clearly not just some detached evangelist with a fantasy future, but practitioners with their finger on the pulse of project management. I really enjoyed the low-key way that Jonathan Løw started out the day, when he in his soft spoken way revealed a huge knowledge of his subjects. And then it just continued growing in excitement as each new speaker added additional dimensions and depth to the theme of the day. The  mix of presentations and networking opportunities really made it for a great day out of the office, sharpening the saw, as one of the 7 habits is called".


Allan Mortensen, President of PMI Denmark Chapter: "The 4th of April was a very special day for all of us who are part of the board of PMI Denmark. For many years we have talked about arranging a large conference, so finally seeing more than 130 people at this full-time event was a dream come true! It is the first time that PMI Denmark has done a conference that big, and the interest for the event was far bigger than we had hoped for. The conference team did a very good job."
We are looking forward to see you at the PMI Denmark Chapter conferences in the future!


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