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PMI Denmark Chapter

General Assembly 2019 – A look back to 2018 and exciting plans ahead

GA 1On March 5th 2019, around 30 Chapter Members gathered at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge in Copenhagen for the yearly General Assembly. It is always an event most of us look forward to reviewing the achievements over the past 12 months and set the targets for the current year.

In addition, although this year the focus was primarily on the "Passion of the Profession" conference in the assembly, the chapter acheivements of the past year was recognised and emphasis laid on the exciting plans for the coming year. Among others, several new board positions were up for election which ought to help the organization with the energy needed to achieve the ambitious plans for the coming years. 



2018, another successful year for PMI Denmark 

GA audience 1GA audience 2

2018 was a good year for PMI Denmark Chapter. The overall strategic goal for the past year has been to create growth, and this has been achieved. In 2018 PMI Denmark chapter grew by 12%.

Certifications: PMI Denmark chapter conducted it's first free CAPM training where training was offered to 38 participants by 10 volunteer trainers from the chapter board.

PMI Young Professionals: Organized 3 events with an increasing demand for more events. Presented the "journey towards PMI Young Professionals at the Region 8 meeting in Serbia. 

Events: 8-10 events organised by the PMI Denmark chapter despite the challenges in getting the working group up and running.

Special Projects: Groundwork was laid the flagship conference "Passion of the profession" wherein some of the main activities include, preparation of speaker contracts, contacting speakers, preparation of project plan and forming a core conference team. 

Sponsors: Microsoft onboarded as a sponsor Established new pricing levels for sponsors and helped get existing sponsors to renew.

Communications: 4 quarterly newsletters were delivered which resulted in increased subscribers. A new conference microsite was setup complete with Stripe payment integration. On the SoMe front, double the number of posts were sent out & a growth of around 40% followers was seen on the chapters SoMe accounts.

The after-work-events also continued with success in 2018, and with the help of PMIs sponsors and partners, the organization managed to come out of the year with a positive result. All-in-all a good year.


Speaker session

The event started off with an interesting session held by Danni Liljekrans, who is an expert on art of giving/receiving feedback. His session showed how he helps people to help each other become better through feedback. GA guest speaker

His take on the giving / receiving feedback was refreshing to hear as most of us are quite rightly stuck in the same old format of giving feedback. He talked about trends in Organisational feedback & introduced new concepts and methods one can use to become better at feedback.He helped engage the audience by asking them to think of real life situations where feedback as such did not have the right impact and how It could have been done better. Some of the key things he pointed out are that feedback should:

  • Be regular and informal 
  • Keep receivers ‘status’ intact
  • Have dialogue and reflection
  • Be descriptive

You can read more about Danni here:


Election for the Board & AuditorGA Team

- Henrik Feld was re-elected VP Finance.

- Sinan Ozmen was re-elected VP Members and Volunteers

- Miglena Zlatanova was re-elected VP PMI Young Professionals

- Kamila Lipinska was elected VP Administration.

- Peter Helmer Sørensen was elected VP Special Projects

- Bente Enevoldsen was re-elected Auditor.

- No candidate up for election for VP Jutland branch.

- The remaining board members continue in their positions and were therefore not up for election this time. 

 Goals for the year(s) to come

The main goals in the years to come have to do with activities that allows PMI Denmark to increase the way the organization today informs, challenges and engages people in relation to project, program and portfolio management. 

  • Use all resources available at hand to make PMI Dk flagship conference, “Passion of the Profession” a huge success.
  • Building on the success of the first year’s CAPM training, we continue to offer another round of training in Spring 2019.
  • Conduct around 7 events in Copenhagen of which 2-3 events to have a prime focus on networking
  • PMIYP plans to conduct 6-7 events for 2019 and build on the excellent network and foundation laid in the past year. Additionally the plan is to support with the execution of the first conference.
  • Communication via website, newsletter and social media continues to have focus for PMI in Denmark, and the idea is to build and improve on the strong foundation that has been formed in the past years. Some of the areas that we expect will get focus is further improving the presence on social media.
  • Establish sponsorship plan and get one or more additional sponsor on board (net).
  • For the Jutland branch, the plan is continue to search for a responsible to establish PMI in Jutland and then to locally arrange some after-work events “over-there”, then learn and see if there is basis for a community in Aarhus.
  • Overall the aim is to onboard and engage more volunteers in the board work. All in all with an aim to achieve continued growth in number of chapter members.

The dinner

In line with what is becoming a tradition in PMI DK Chapter, the evening offered also a great opportunity to network and of course to celebrate together with red wine and rounds of tapas.

Upcoming events

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