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Webinar 1: Project HEADWAY: Disrupting Project Management

Presenter(s): Mark Mullaly
Duration: 1 hour

Mark Mullaly is a project management iconoclast - a management consultant with more than 25 years of project management experience. He is president of Interthink Consulting Inc. In this webinar, Mark will make the case for disrupting the project management and talk about the strategies for responsible disruption.

Mark starts with definitions of disruption, in the context of innovation, to break conventions to accelerate arrival in future. Disruption started as one way of approaching creative and innovative problem solving, and now has evolved to become THE Way Of Innovation. He described what PMBOK have to say about disruption, and how PMBOK guide identifies a subset of the project management body of knowledge that is generally recognized as good practice.

The projects, historically had been forever, even we haven’t called them like that, even before applying so called PMBOK processes. Mark mentions that project management hasn’t evolved significantly since decades and our practices are often reflective of a mindset Of “Because We’ve Always Done It That Way”, partly because it worked at the time it was developed. Significant change (or starting over) to standard approach would be an extensive (and painful) process.

Mark stresses on that Project Management should be ripe for disruption. Failure rates of projects remain astronomically high, and this “knowing-doing” gap is ripe for exploitation.

Other practices have emerged around the edges, including the agile approach that focusses more on getting things done. Agile has its own disruptive influence, but we are now getting so rigid in Agile terminologies and events, we are missing what Agile intends to do.

Mark further talks about disrupting responsibly, and concluded the webinar with a summary that Disruption as a concept is not new - not even to project management, however, project management has been around long enough to become more than a little rigid and fixed. We learned to do what worked; we kept the good, discarded the bad and changed the middling. The risk is that we are overly enraptured with the processes that emerged.  Even the practices seen as innovative and progressive are prone to overly rigid interpretation. What is important is doing what works—and continuing to advocate for, support and embrace improvement.

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Presenter(s): MIchael Docherty
Duration: 1 hour

Michael Docherty is a managing director of NextBig, a venture creation firm that builds new digital-enabled startups in partnership with leading corporations. He is also a CEO of Venture2, a growth and innovation consulting firm that helps leading companies transform their innovation capabilities, build innovation ecosystems and accelerate commercialization of new products, services and businesses.

In this webinar, Michael will talk about transforming the innovation through collective disruption.

He talks that Innovation is not the same game as it was before. Innovation is now needed more to continue delivering value, instead of just increasing the value. Michael focused on the collective disruption model, to bring together the best of corporate and entrepreneurial approaches for transformative growth. Applying entrepreneurial methods within large organizations and to partner in new ways with startups to co-create breakthrough new products, services and businesses can result in increased business momentum. Many case studies supporting the concept has been shared in the webinar.

In this interactive webinar, innovation expert and author Michael Docherty provides a roadmap and framework for breakthrough innovation, through new incubation models including leveraging accelerators and ‘on-demand’ entrepreneurs – to build a pipeline for new sources of growth.

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