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PMIYP pic1The Modern Shift from Agile to DevOps

Written by Miglena Zlatanova

In the afternoon on February, Thursday 21st we organized our first formal event of 2019. This event was not only the first of 2019 but also the one with most attendees since we began co-organizing events with companies. The theme for this event was “The Modern Shift from Agile to DevOps” and was co-hosted with Microsoft. The event covered the progression from team-based agile project management towards increased transparency and connecting of departments in what is being known as DevOps, i.e., closer combining Development and Operations, to deliver faster value to customers


The event began with a short walk-through of the development of project management in a software context, from a waterfall approach towards agile and then ending up in DevOps. Pros and cons with the three project management approaches were discussed and clarified. It was emphasized the needed amount of maturity in project teams and organizations if wishing to try out DevOps. A certain degree of maturity in project management and control of test and deliverables is needed before deployment of a product, as this in DevOps happens much faster with continuous feedback loops through telemetry.

Overall a very successful event that delivered useful content to the audiences, which were a mix of students, young professionals, and more experienced individuals, showcasing PMIYP as a valuable enabler for aspiring project managers in connection to the industry.

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