PMI Denmark Chapter

PMI Denmark Chapter

GDPRimageOne of the main goals of the PMI Denmark Chapter is to provide our members, customers, and other users of our website and services with the best products and services available. We also recognize that building a long-term relationship with you depends a great deal on trust. PMI Denmark Chapter is committed to ensuring the security and the appropriate use of your information. We have put in place policies and procedures to safeguard, secure, and to prevent unauthorized access to the member information, and to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines.


  • We have collaborated with PMI Head Quarters and signed privacy agreements that comply with GDPR policies and regulations, which clearly define data access rights between PMI Head Quarters and PMI Denmark Chapter. 
  • We have published PMI Denmark Chapter’s “Privacy Notice” on our website, which describes different aspects of data security and privacy in detail.
  • We are continuously reviewing our internal processes and procedures, including data access methods and privileges, to discover and adjust any areas that need strengthening. 

  • We have created a direct email access for our members to communicate their privacy related questions, comments and concerns. 

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