PMI Denmark Chapter

PMI Denmark Chapter

IMG 0516 resizePMI Event on April 26th, 2018

Speaker: Kristian Haugaard
Written by Alvaro Buxens

On April 26th a great evening after-work event on scaling Agile took place at Rambøll in Ørestad with Kristian Haugaard.

During this PMI event Kristian presented alternative approaches to scaling Agile and the prerequisites that any company needs in order succeed on an Agile broad transformation. Kristian focused on the SAFe approach and presented its different elements before we were challenged with a group PMI ZOO exercise. The event finished with the presentation of a real case successful Agile transformation in a Danish company.

IMG 0511 resizeSome of the topics that Kristian covered were the following:

  • Can Agile be scaled?
  • What are the prerequisites for scaling? 
  • When does it makes sense to apply SAFe, and when does it not?
  • What alternatives are there to SAFe?

A successful Agile scaling requires alignment between "Being Agile" and "Doing Agile" which requires three key elements to achieve the necessary cultural shift in the organization:

  1. A mindset shift
  2. A skill shift
  3. A behavior shift

The following prerequisites should be considered in any Agile scaling project:

  • Empowered transformation team with management representation
  • Structured change management
  • Dedicated top management, executive sponsorship
  • Capacity to absorb the change
  • Willing to invest
  • Ability to focus and have patience

SAFeKristian presented the key roles and elements of SAFe methodology. SAFe adds to the traditional Agile Scrum team layer a Program and a Portfolio layers with participation of Business Owners, Epic Owners and Lean Portfolio Management.

For more information on SAFe visit

The participants at the event were the separated in groups to work on a very interesting PMI Zoo Agile exercise which made clear a few of the points presented by Kristian on scaling agile.

During the event we were lucky to be served with good sandwiches courtesy of Rambøll.

Kristian Haugaard is partner and co-founder of Ugilic ApS, and has been a part of the Agile community since 2004. Kristian has been introducing, implementing and tuning all aspects of Agile initiatives ever since. He does large scale organizational Agile transformations, helping organizations achieve business agility - and he helps leaders and team members improve, deliver and have fun wherever needed.

You can lean more about Kristian and his views on Agile here on his blog:  

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