PMI Denmark Chapter

PMI Denmark Chapter

Project Mgmt Logo RGB poweredbyPMI white on blackAs a member of PMI, you have free access to webinars at the PMI website. In this newsletter, we provide you with a list of 3 select webinars on AGILE & the PDUs category associated with them.

Listening to these webinars enables you to claim upto a maximum of 3 PDUs. 


Webinar 1: How to Grow a Solid Agile Team

Presenter(s): Gil Broza
Duration: 1 hour
Most of the Agile literature describes the self-organizing team regularly delivering value with the support of a servant leader. Unfortunately, this picture is far rosier than what many Agile practitioners experience. Teams take months to reach the desirable stage of high performance, and the way there is rocky; some never make it. In this presentation, team members and leaders will discover what it takes to grow a solid Agile team.
How to Grow a Solid Agile Team
Presenter(s): Amr Elssamadisy
Duration: 1 hour
This webinar assumes the following hypothesis: Learning is the Bottleneck of Software Development and Delivery, and asks the question “what is keeping us from learning effectively?” This webinar is about those things that are in our way every single day which we cannot see or touch and that make us uncomfortable to even consider. How does our mindset affect our ability to learn as individuals and as teams? What about ownership? Does our respect - or lack thereof - of our peers affect our ability to build software? What is the cost of a missed agreement? Listen to this webinar to learn about invisible impediments to learning, and what you can do Monday morning to start making things better.
Invisible Impediments to Success with Agile
Presenter(s): Sally Elatta
Duration: 1 hour
The goal of this webinar is to explore and contrast the Agile vs. Traditional Roles and Responsibilities in addition to outlining the new skills needed for being part of an Agile team. We will cover several roles such as the ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Technical Leads, Developer, Tester, Business Analysts, Managers, and Executive Leaders.
Agile vs. Traditional Roles

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