PMI Denmark Chapter

PMI Denmark Chapter

PMI Region 8 event, November 2017

Written by Alvaro Buxens


The Region 8 meeting took place in Malmø the 17th to 19th of November. Due to the closeness of the location PMI Denmark chapter participated with 9 members this year and joined 173 other participants from PMI chapter’s volunteers in 35 other countries and PMI Europe partners, mentors and administrators.

The goal of the regional meetings is to share ideas, experiences and challenges between the different chapters in order to improve PMI in Europe and ensure growth and best value to all members.

The meeting started with a well organized evening cocktail and networking session Friday evening at the venue of the conference, the Clarion Hotel & Congress center, During the evening there was opportunity to mingle around and talk with members of other chapters, and meet again some known faces for those that participated in previous regional meetings.

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Saturday morning started with an early session for the first-timers with a working breakfast at 7:45, a great idea to introduce those that participated for first time to each other and to the PMI European mentors and staff. The key morning session “PMI and chapters –evolving the profession together” was presented by Michael DePrisco, PMI Vice President Global Membership and Chapters.Michael presented the three pilars of the PMI "Playing to Win" strategy framework:

  • Stragegic focus
  • Customer centricity

The following session provided a brief introduction into the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how PMI global will be supporting the European chapters to ensure compliance with this EU regulation that ensures privacy in the exchange of information with our members.

The day continued with 3 session tracks and 2 sessions in each track until lunch. We tried to break up the DK team to attend as many sessions as possible in order to get the best inspiration from the meeting. Topics of the sessions went from initiatives on how to create win/win partnerships with sponsors, how to work with recruitment companies or how to improve membership value with the chapter web.

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After lunch the participants were divided into subregional groups and each one carried out a workshop lead by the subregion chapter leaders on which common challenges existed and how to improve cooperation between chapters to improve value to members. After the workshop a final session with 3 parallel tracks took place.

Saturday evening started with a group photo session and a networking event, but the key event of the evening was a dinner at the City Hall of Malmö where we were welcomed by the major Mr. Kent Andersson with a great historical speach. The evening ended with some good music and dance in one of the local clubs.


Sunday morning started with new sessions at 9:00 AM with 3 tracks and two sessions each. The sessions touch on topics like the creation of a volunteer recognition award, how to achieve high membership growth in the Irish chapter or how to use business inteligence to retain your members.

Finally a lunch was served in the hotel restaruant before the participants started packing and travelling back to their home countries.

A couple of quotes from the participants on the event:

"I came home with a lot of inspirations and ideas how chapter work can be organized." - Karolina Kazaryn

"Lots of inspiration from other chapters across Europe, possibilities to cooperate, e.g.on planning events and speakers acrosss countries" - Allan Mortensen