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Do you think like a CEO?

PMI Event on October 6th, 2016
Speaker: Dorte Thyrri Rasmussen , Mannaz
Written by Elena Farnè

Q4 2016 EventCEOMannaz image1On October 6th, Dorte Thyrri Rasmussen introduced to PMI Denmark Chapter the managerial challenges faced by Project Managers when leading projects. The Q3 / 2016 PMI Newsletter already featured the highlights of this topic, which were discussed in-depth in a 2 hours-session.

Dorte explained that the complexity characterizing today’s projects demands prepared professionals , properly trained in to the role: a specific set of skills and competencies which are similar to those required to fill a CEO role.



Q4 2016 EventCEOMannaz image3Besides the 5 crucial competencies required by Project Managers moving forward, a special focus is given to leadership, which can be seen as follows:

  • Leading the organization

Setting vision and strategy, navigating the organization and managing stakeholders, solving problems, innovating, making decisions and taking the risks

  • Leading one self

Increasing self-awareness, demonstrating leadership, ethics and integrity and acting as a role model

  • Leading others

Managing and developing individuals and teams, communicating

Q4 2016 EventCEOMannaz image2A shift from Project Management to Project Leadership is key to deal with the increasing project complexity  and the next practice will be funded on:

Business understanding

Understanding how the benefit deriving from the execution of the individual project “fit” in the broader picture and can be value creating for the whole organization

  • Commercial acumen

Knowing the landscape in terms of market, products and competitors, will hopefully shed light on strategic decisions.

…And of course thinking and acting like a (Project) CEO.

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