General Assembly 2017 – A look back at 2016 and exciting plans ahead

On March 22nd 2017, 36 Chapter Members gathered at Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen for the yearly General Assembly. It is always an event most of us look forward to reviewing the achievements over the past 12 months and set the targets for the current year.

A great performance in 2016…

It was with no little pride we welcomed the news that the Chapter has met both strategically and operationally the target for the year, in particular the growth in terms of revenue and members.

…And more ambitious goals ahead of us…

The President presented the Strategy 2017-2020 which focused on the need to better communicate the Chapter’s value proposition and the intention that the organization is motivating, sustainable and supports continuity. Quality and relevance will be among the guiding principles moving forward, to provide an offering to meet the demand of busy professionals. Furthermore, actions to harvest the potential deriving from an extended footprint within Denmark and younger professional shall be planned and implemented.

Annual Plans for 2017

The President presented the plan for 2017 which can be summarized as follows:

1. Finalization and implementation of the 2020 strategy

2. Continue growth in revenue and members

3. Increasing efficiency and structure in handling the administrative tasks

4. Establishment of an active and self-organizing Aarhus community

5. Identification of certification options

6. Value for Members

7. Participating in Passion for Projects 2017

8. Focus on communications and media for a better outreach

9. Fewer, and even better, events in Copenhagen

10. Establishment of PMIYP in Copenhagen

…which we love to celebrate!!!

GA dinnerIn line with what is becoming a tradition in PMI DK Chapter, the evening offered also a great opportunity to network and of course to celebrate together with red wine and rounds of tapas.