PMI Denmark is proud to introduce its latest major member initiative: PMI Denmark Young Professionals (PMIYP) community

PMI DEN Young Professionals The project managers of the future (and present) are joining PMI Denmark in its latest initiative: PMI Denmark Young Professionals (PMIYP). Read more about this community, part of PMI Denmark, and their events for project managers interested both in the present and the future of the profession. 

PMI Denmark Young Professionals (PMIYP) community

Why and how it started

The beginnings of what would become the PMIYP initiative came to be as PMI Denmark could see that they had very few CAPM members and a relative high average age compared to other PMI chapters. Additionally, most, if not all, of PMI Denmarks events were targeting project managers who already have extensive experience with knowledge areas of the PMBOK. It was therefore recognized that PMI Denmark lacked a solid value proposition for junior project managers or students. This is exactly what PMIYP will seek to remedy.

PMIYP has been established as a community of young professionals working with or aspiring to work with project management. This community will operate as a self-sustained daughter community of PMI Denmark, that produces events that advance the practice, science and profession of project management in Denmark, with special attention to younger people, students and junior project managers. The hope is that this will create a network of young people with different levels of professional involvement, who can offer experiences and relatable advice to each other. In addition, PMIYP will have extensive collaboration with PMI Denmark and is controlled through a steering community from the board of PMI Denmark.

The initiative was kicked off by circulating a promotional poster on higher educational institutions. This resulted in a selection process which has yielded 12 prospecting members of PMIYP, who now constitutes the organizations board members. These members are all recent entries to the industries in Denmark, and though they come from a myriad of different backgrounds, both professionally and nationality wise, they work within the area of project management. The members have been going through CAPM training during this spring while laying the foundation for PMIYP and creating community charter and plan.

Vision and activities


IMG 20170518 170145Even though  PMIYP is currently in the initial phase, we have already organized one seminar on the 18th of May, co-hosted with the Danish Technical University and their Projectlab. PMIYP is planning  a full-day conference planned for the end of 2017.

The vision is that PMIYP, and through it PMI, becomes recognized as the go-to organization for young people, coming out of university or having just started on their careers, and who are interested in Project Management. WIth their involvement we envision to generate and drive what the future project management generations will be asking for.

On behalf of all the members of PMIYP, we would like to say that we are looking forward to create and maintain a great community and thank PMI Denmark for setting up this opportunity for us. And we look forward to keeping telling you all about the journey we will be going through while creating it.