At PMI-Denmark we have started an exciting collaboration with the Danish Technical University (DTU) department of Management Engineering in the Multi-Project Management (MPM) Benchmarking Study 2017.

DTU portfolio1MPM is international! The study is conducted by the Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Denmark) and  ZHAW Winterthur (Switzerland). In this 8th version of the MPM survey, we extend the benchmark topics to reflect today’s dynamic environment.

This is the first time this study will be carried out in Denmark and a great opportunity for companies to align with best practices, compare with Top and Low performers and evaluate analysis of success factors across all phase of project portfolio management.

We reach out now to all PMI-Denmark chapter members for your collaboration in order for you to help us ensure this initiative becomes a success.

The only limitation for a company to participate there are more than 20 projects running in parallel.

 If you are interested in participating as a volunteer in this activity and collaborate with us please contact  Alvaro Buxens

If you think that your company or a company you have a good contact at could be interested in participating please contact Joana Geraldi

Thanks in advance for your support !

The MPM study focuses on project portfolio management (PPM) and project management in multi-project environment.

For nearly 15 years, a robust and proven approach for benchmarking PPM and project management practices has been developed. In the past seven study waves, over 600 companies have participated, with a combine portfolio value of more than € 150 billion. The analysis of more than 70,000 detailed answers culminated in more than 30 scientific publications and eight successful dissertations. The analysis paves the way for efficient and effective multi project management.

In addition to measuring performance on established success factors, the 2017 MPM survey will explore the influence of digitization, big data and the use of visual displays of data on modern MPM.

Participating firms receive an individualized benchmark report that clearly compares their performance with top- and low-performers. We also look forward to welcoming you to the MPM Practitioner Event in Denmark in November where the overall findings of the study will be presented and you will have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

Why should organisations participate:

  • Individual feedback report with comparison of your MPM performance with top and low performers level
  • Evaluating the MPM-performance development for regular participants
  • A scientifically proven questionnaire for further internal evaluation
  • Guaranteed attendance to a networking workshop to share the findings and exchange best practices
  • Different perspectives of MPM in your company
  • Final report is free for participating companies, as study is funded from research budgets

For more information on the study you can access