About the Passion of the Profession conference 2019

Passion of the Profession is the yearly conference organized by PMI Denmark Chapter. The conference is focused on the latest trends and developments within the field of Project Management.

In the 2019 edition, we will put a focus on "Disruption in Project Management," such as the trend towards Agile methodologies, AI and bots being introduced to the working environment, as well as an increasingly global, competitive business landscape.

Passion of the Profession 2019 will be a conference full with endless opportunities to networking and share experiences and challenges with other project management passionate participants.

About PMI Denmark

Project Management Institute Denmark (PMIDK), is a non-profit chapter, who reports to the global Project Management Institute (PMI®). The chapter held its founding general assembly back in December 1999 and was confirmed as a new chapter, by PMI in January 2000. PMIDK consists of +400 members (2017). With a growth rate of +20% in the last years.

PMIDK organizes member events in Copenhagen and Århus, which gives the members free opportunity to excel in their field and network with their peers. In addition, the Danish chapter publishes a quarterly newsletter and an annual report containing information about chapter activities, book reviews, and webinars as well as articles on relevant topics.