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Thursday 5th March from 17.00 – 19.00 (incl 30 mins break) at Incuba, Navitas, Aarhus.

Jesper Boeg, one of Denmark’s leading experts within Agile and Lean process optimization, will touch upon why it is not easy transforming organizations with traditional structures and work-methods to a modern Agile and product focused delivery system.

Many transformations approaches promise immediate results through intensive training and consulting engagements, and on the surface, it looks like a great success with sometimes hundreds of teams transformed into running Scrum and Kanban mechanics in just a few months. Great results are achieved, and success stories are shared and communicated both internally and externally.

On closer look it is however often revealed that despite a new structure, an established team of internal Agile Coaches to guide the transition forward and lots of money spent on training, coaching and consulting – only 10-30% have made the shift from doing Agile Mechanics to actual empowerment, adaptive planning and a smooth flow of customer value with frequent feedback loops. Furthermore, the change is often limited to the team level while the rest of the organization is left wondering what is going on.

The lean community has been struggling with the same problem for decades, where millions of dollars have been spent globally trying to copy Toyota practices, but failing to get beyond the level of basic Lean mechanics. This is however starting to change using approaches that are focusing more on the underlying system of continuous improvement.

In this presentation Jesper will share his experience with Agile and Lean change initiatives in IT and it related processes. The successes and failures with the traditional approaches to change, what he thinks is the next step forward and his latest experience trying to build a deeper and more effective and culture of for continuous improvement.

Please remember to sign up via the PMI DK website as usual. 

Guide to the underground parking at INCUBA Navitas: pdfClick.pdf

About Jesper: Implementing Agile and Lean principles in the context of innovation and IT has been Jesper’s work and passion for more than a decade. He has great passion for continuous improvement and is constantly trying out new principles, tools and practices to find better ways of delivering great solutions and make work easier and more enjoyable for everybody. Jesper works with the entire value stream from C-level to individual team members and is equally at home mentoring the CEO and coaching the delivery team. Jesper runs his own company www.agileupgrade.com  and regularly speaks at local meetups and Agile and Lean conferences. He is a Kanban Coaching Professional, Kanban Management Professional and Accredited Kanban Trainer from LKU. Jesper is the author of the two popular minibooks “Real Life Scrum” and “Priming Kanban”, which can both be downloaded for free at www.InfoQ.com


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