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Benefit Realization in Agile Transformations

​In order to succeed with an agile transformation, we need to change the behavior and mindset of everyone involved. This is considered a highly difficult task, why the majority of change projects fail.

​To increase the chance of success when doing an agile transformation, we suggest to put a focus on and learn the  practices of the following two elements

​On the 25th of June, Implement Consulting group together with PMI, will unfold the topics and tell how to create impact, by revealing how they can be applied in practice using a real life case.

Benefit Realization

How to break down benefits in a structured way will make the process benefit driven and ensure that all deliverables and actions are contributing to achieving the benefits of the transformation. This creates a streamlined process, and ensures transparency for involved stakeholders.

Agile Approach

How to use elements from the agile toolbox, such as sprints and user-stories to execute the actual transformation. This enables teams and individuals to focus on few elements at the time and ensure that people reflects on why they are doing the new processes and how it should be done.

Practical details and sign up:

The event takes place 25th of June 2019, from 17.00-19.30 in the offices of Implement at Strandvejen 54, 2900 Hellerup.

Please remember to sign up for the event here on the website. In case you are not a member of PMI Denmark but would like to attend, then please send a mail to info@pmi-dk.org.


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